Accessories and Auxiliary Equipment for Pumps and Systems

Increased operational safety for your pump systems to reduce downtime

With our large portfolio of accessories and auxiliary equipment, we provide increased operational reliability for your pump or system. This allows you to significantly reduce your everyday downtime and improve performance at the same time.

In addition to innovative process monitoring via app, our accessories include protection and travel devices, seal supply units or tools and additional equipment. We have the optimal supplement for your individual application. These are available to you in all production areas such as environment & energy, food & pharmaceuticals, chemicals & paper or oil & gas.

Portfolio of accessories and auxiliary equipment from NETZSCH

MultiProtector: The Monitoring and Protection Unit

The "MultiProtector" monitoring and protection unit allows analysis of process data and warns of damage at an early stage. The device and the associated app enable the definition of threshold values, documentation of the error history and live diagnostics.

iFD-Stator® 2.0

The iFD-Stator® 2.0 combines performance, economy and environmental compatibility and thus represents a unique, dual system.

xLC® Stator Adjustment System

The xLC® stator adjustment system is based on the easy-to-replace and easy-to-maintain iFD-stator® 2.0 and increases the service life of the pump.

Other Additional NETZSCH Equipment