NETZSCH L.Cap Progressing Cavity Pumps

Convey large quantities at high pressure for oil, gas- and mining industry

High performance pumps for oil & gas mid-/downstream as well as mining industry: Over the last ten years NETZSCH has not only sold more than 280 pumps for multiphase applications but among them also the largest progressing cavity pumps currently used anywhere in the world.

Typically in oil & gas and mining applications the demand for larger pumps delivering higher flow rates and higher pressure is increasing faster than in other industries. Therefore NETZSCH has developed its range of L.Cap high performance pumps for flowrates up to 1000 m³/h and pressures up to 20 bar.

The highest standards for equipment and safety are a basic requirement to ensure that processes remain safe and reliable. Considering the complexity of pump media the sophisticated and reliable NETZSCH design meets the particular pump job requirements and contributes to efficient process control. NETZSCH pumps meet the requirements of API 676 3rd edition and also NACE MR-0-175.

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L.Cap® Twin Version

The twin version is designed for higher flow rates of up to1000 m³/h and pressures of eight up to 20 bar, depending on theselected geometry. The system consists of two pumps in parallel mounted on one base plate. The suction and discharge connections of the pumps are fitted with manifolds so that there is onlyone process connection for theinlet and one for the outlet. Both pumps are typically run simultaneously but can be operated also separately during service works.



L.Cap® Single Version

This single high performance pump has been designed for larger flow and pressure applications, typically for produced emulsions for oil applications and mine dewatering or the transfer of mineral slurries replacing installations of multiple centrifugal orpiston pumps installed in series.

L.Cap® Vertical Version

This compact and highly efficient pump has been designed for in tank applications, e.g. to transfer a large variety of viscous media, also containing solids from tanks or other containers. Special design attention has been paid to protect the pump from dry running.



Typical Applications:

  • Pumping of oil, gas and water mixtures containing solids (multiphase pumps)
  • Pumping media with very high solid contents or large particles
  • Transfer of crude oil, produced water, oil sea water and mud sea water, also over long distances
  • Transfer of mineral slurries
  • Mine dewatering
  • Pumping of drilling sludge, slurries and cuttings
  • Transfer of sewage and mud
  • Transfer of hydrocarbon condensate
  • Tank emptying and cleaning

Major Advantages:

  • Stable flow
  • Almost pulsation-free pumping
  • Near to no shear
  • Efficient transport of highlyviscous products
  • High content of sand and/orgas
  • Handling of multiphase liquids
  • Low NPSH requirements
  • Low operating andmaintenance cost
  • Fewer wearing parts
  • High efficiency and reliability


High performance pumps for the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries